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outlet ralph lauren online italia and then she got the fiat punto

What is the worst make of car one should avoid buying polo ralph lauren italia now

Chana, chery, hafei, geely, gwm, mahindra, proton, tata and zotye.Because the chinese and the indians haven't yet figured out how to engineer and build decent cars.The chinese think copying someone else's design means they've built a good car, but they don't fare so well in crash tests.The indians can pass, but unfortunately their cars are hardly reliable.If you want a good quality car that will last, buy a honda, mercedes, bmw, toyota, subaru or kia/hyundai.In national and international quality surveys, these makes consistently come out on ralph lauren online shop outlet top.

Everybody has their likes and dislikes.Years ago everybody talked about"Jap crap"Refererring to japanese cars.Those years you had to buy american or german.Today the japs make better cars than the germans(Look at the jd power results for proof)The koreans are getting better tata is one of the biggest truck builders in the world.I have not owned a korean car, but they seem good value for money.Chinese cars i wouldn't touch.The best way to make a decision is to do research look at the reported faults after purchase polo la martina and that sort of thing.

Anything fiat and no peugeot, renault either endless probs.I suggest volkswagen polo vivo if you have a limited budget, no tata, chery gheely or any of those funny makes, parts can be problem.If you have thhe money bmw, merc, honda, toyota, or i think even mazda/ ford better any day than the chinese and korean and indian cars and the french, but best is if you go read on complaint sites eg hello peter and other car sites to see which new cars have probs.I stick with my polo, my friend sold her older model polo and bought a new fiat palio, and had endless engine problems outlet ralph lauren online italia and then she got the fiat punto the same thing.Anyhow good luck.

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